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Eight state of the art programmable "Die Forger" hammers
These hammers range from 8000 ft/lbs of available energy to 23,000 ft/lbs of available energy. They are controlled by PC's (programmable controllers). These control the number of blows and the blow intensity resulting in forgings consistently produced to size.
One "Model E" Ceco drop hammers
The hammer has falling weight of 5000 lbs and capable of controlling the number of blows and the drop distance.  It is the latest in gravity hammers. 
Two 1300 Ton mechanical forging presses
These two forging presses allow Missouri Forge to be competitive in those forgings which run more efficiently on presses.
State-of-the-art induction heaters on all the Die Forgers and Presses
The modern induction heaters allow fast accurate heat control. Heaters are equipped with overtemp rejection systems to insure only properly heated bars are forged.
Two cold coining presses
The cold coining presses allow Missouri Forge to produce forgings to closer size tolerances when required and allow forgings to be produced to close straightness tolerances.


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