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 Metallurgical Advice
Forging Design
Magnetic Inspection
Rust Prevention
OnSite Service  

Metallurgical Advice and Assistance

Missouri Forge can assist you in the steel selection for your forgings. We can help you select the right steel that has the mechanical properties that you desire. We can help you decide if  heat treatment is necessary or not. We can help select a steel that machines as easily as possible. Optimizing these items often will result in a cost saving at your facility and will insure that finest possible product at the lowest price going out your door. 


Forging Design

If you need help with the design of a forging to make your finished product, we are available for advice and assistance. With our help, you can design a forging that requires minimum stock removal during machining yet is easily forged. We do, occasionally, entirely design forgings for our customers upon request.


Non-Destructive Inspection

At Missouri Forge,  non-destructive magnetic particle inspection can be performed on  carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel forgings. We also can do die penetrate inspection.

Rust Prevention
Missouri Forge Inc offers several solutions to protect finished forgings from rust.  These are cost  effective and can be customized to meet your requirements.
On-Site Service

If for any reason we are urgently needed at a customers facility, we can usually be there the same day if called before noon. Our company plane allows us to reach most of our customers within three hours or less and land at a small airport nearby instead miles away at a large commercial airport. 


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